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Short interview with Raven Riley

Update #2 - Win a free membership for Raven Riley - Update #2

Update - In a few months I have a second chance to interview Raven Riley.
So If you have special questions to her please comment it below the article - Update

Last week a got the chance to make an interview with our favorite porn star Raven Riley. Its only a short one, cause we had not too much time. After a few questions she had to leave for making a great new video set.

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RR Fans: Hi Raven, most people in the net know who you are, but for
those who don’t please give us a short introduction about who you are
and what you doing.
Raven Riley: Hi guys, my name is Raven Riley, I’m 20 years old and I have a single girl website.

RR Fans: What did you before starting your own website?
Raven Riley: I was a hostess at a sports bar.

RR Fans: Where did you grow up and what is your ethnicity?
Raven Riley: In Arizona and I’m half Italian - half Cherokee Indian.

RR Fans: Does your parents know what you are doing and what are they
saying about it?
Raven Riley: Yes, they do know and they don’t agree with it but they do support me, as long as I’m happy.

RR Fans: Tell us please your story about your first kiss and your first
time having sex.
Raven Riley: Well, my first kiss was actually at my friends house when I was about 13 years old and her older brother and I had a crush on. It felt so good. :)And the first time I had sex, well, it wasn’t pleasant, but after that I loved it! ;)

RR Fans: Have you ever done something you have to regrets now and do you
have something you want to do before death?
Raven Riley: No and I always wanted to go sky diving. :)

RR Fans: Your eye color, your favorite color and your favorite piece of
Raven Riley: Brown, pink, and jeans that make my butt look good!

RR Fans: Thank you for your time. Want to say a closing word to our readers?
Raven Riley: Yeah, if you haven’t checked out my site - check it out: I’m just a normal down to earth girl that likes to have fun! come see what I’m all about! kisses.

EMP hopes to garner a whole new fan base for the starlet, and do so outside the Porn Valley system.

Succubus is the first venture in that plan, and a mighty bold one, indeed. Shot over 14 days in the heartlands of Middle America with a cast and crew of all non-industry folk, it was a daring endeavor for everybody involved ... so much so, that they prefer to keep the precise whereabouts of their base of operations below the radar, so to speak.


"We're trying to keep it low key," Leach told AVN. "We actually hired Louis Sirkin, Larry Flynt's legal counsel, and he's been our legal counsel for the film. There's been a few things that we were worried about, but he said go for it, and he'll stand up for us all the way. So I'm hoping that all goes well."

Legal pitfalls aside, though, just the logistics of shooting a porn movie where and with whom they did presented challenges aplenty. "We faced a lot of obstacles during the shooting," Leach said. "The cold weather, the temperatures ... Raven got really sick one day, and I just had to put a stop to the whole thing. I almost called it quits a couple times, but we really worked through it just to get this far.

"This was completely amateur," he went on. "The only aspect that was not amateur was Colin [Rowntree, of Rebel Motion Pictures] and his crew, that came in and helped us out. But other than that, everybody was just, you know, fathers holding mics and uncles coming in to help feed the crew, friends and people we know here that came together for a small salary and put on a good show. It was a lot of fun."

Whatever expertise the EMP camp may have lacked, they definitely made up for in gumption. An ardent horror lover, Leach feels that what they put together with Succubus is "a film that is a complete horror film, and we just took the aspect of that where they stop at a certain point, and just carried it out the rest of the way, and allowed everything to be shown."

The story of Succubus surrounds a hunt by Riley (as herself) for an ancient vampiress (fellow internet model Liz Vicious) who's arisen and begun terrorizing the little town of Leeston, Indiana. According to a fortune passed down through Riley's lineage, she is the only person who can stop the fearsome bloodsucker.

Admitting the great ambitiousness of setting out to execute such a project with his background, Leach humbly noted, "I was really kind of worried about coming into this arena, 'cause we really don't know a whole lot about it. But we just wanted to do something different. I didn't want to do the regular, everyday porno. I'm not coming into this saying, 'Hey, I know what I'm doing, I'm going to do this.' I'm saying, 'I have no clue what I'm doing, but I'm gonna give it a try.'"

On top of everything else, meanwhile, Leach and company are distributing Succubus on their own. "We're doing [distribution] ourselves online and in stores," he said. "We're actually slowly getting some stores interested. It's really a lot harder than I thought it would be. I know I was quite pretentious, [but] I ordered 20,000 copies. I may not sell half of them, but I'm ready to roll here."

To obtain one of those 20,000 copies, and for a whole lot more on Succubus, including the Hollywood-produced trailer, go to

And look for Raven Riley to soon start taking the adult video world by storm. "That's exactly what I was trying to do," Leach remarked. "Get people to go, 'Wow! Where did this girl come from?'"

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